Why you need to hire an armed security officer

• Privacy: Extremely powerful people, successful people and high profile people are generally on the go. Being busy is a part of success, like it or not. Often times though this means that people have very little privacy. This is especially true for celebrities and high profile personalities. Skilled armed security officers can help restore private lives for high profile people, and can keep nosy or overzealous people, fans or even paparazzi away, so you can go about your life.

• Personal Protection: Unfortunately we live in a dangerous world, and dangers don’t stop just out of the view of the protection of law enforcement officers. Armed security guards offer protection from all kinds of threats, wherever you may be, whenever you may need it. Armed security guards can accompany you around the world if need be, giving you peace of mind and protection from any type of danger.

• Protection of Property and Valuables: Perhaps the oldest and purest form of security revolves around protecting money, precious metals, valuables and other forms of property. One of the oldest US banks, Wells Fargo, started as an armed security service that protected personal property as it was transported in the West. Still, today, property needs to be protected from thieves, criminals and people with bad intentions. The more valuable the property the more likely it is to need protection. Armed security guards are the best way to protect your property.

• Estate or Business Security: Homes, complexes and compounds, or real estate with any value, is always a target for criminals. Criminals look for easy ways to make money, and large estates and homes filled with valuables are an attractive potential victim. The presence of armed guards, especially skilled guards who understand the nuances of estate protection can mean the difference between target and safe zone. • Protection of Loved Ones or Employees: Even if you don’t need protection, your loved ones may if you are successful. Your employees may need protection, especially if your business is successful and cash transactions take place or there are valuables on the property. The presence of armed guards can secure the safety of people and property.

• Deter Criminals and Threats: Simply having armed guards on site can help deter criminals. Criminals are lazy and they will always look for the easiest score or the place that they can do most damage. They know that skilled armed security guards can derail their plans.

Armed security officers have a tremendous responsibility, with the firearms that they carry, the weapons they sometimes must use in the line of duty, and with the precious people and places that they protect. That is why Fast Guard Service spares no expense making certain that their armed guards are the best in the business. Fast Guard Service makes sure that their armed guards are constantly trained on the effective and safe usage of the weapons that they use to protect and serve. In fact, Fast Guard Service actually gives classes for State weapons tests in the State of Florida. If you are looking for the best armed guards that can be found in and around Miami, Florida, the Deep South and the United States your search is over. Fast Guard Service is ready to help with any security needs that you may have.


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How Private Security Can Protect Your Estate

• 24/7 Surveillance: Unfortunately crimes don’t occur on a 9 to 5 timeline. They tend to happen at the worst time, and usually that is by design. Criminals know that off hours and late hours pose less of a problem for them. There are less people about, and there is less likelihood of resistance, help, or observance. Therefore they target hours when people are not around, about or even awake. That is why 24/7 surveillance is so important in regards to preventing or deterring crime and general safety. Private security needs to be on the scene at all times, watching and protecting. The last thing you want is to worry about your estate while you travel, or to worry about safety while you sleep.

• Patrols: Routine patrols can deter criminals from even thinking about committing a crime on the premises. The patrols should be regular but the times should vary so that no criminal can set a time line, but the fact that private security is on site and active will make most criminals look elsewhere or at least think twice before they commit a crime. Mobile Patrols also can find and address problems as they arise, that might be missed through electronic surveillance alone.

• Presence of Trained, Armed Guards: Simply the presence of private security, especially experienced private guards, can mean the difference between safety and danger, Think about it, if you were a criminal, would you attack a place with no private security, or one with armed, private security whose sole purpose is to stop you? Face it, criminals may be lazy but they aren’t all stupid. The presence of private security is perhaps the best deterrent for crime that you can find.

• Emergency System at the Ready: Private security on site is the best protection for your estate that you can find, but as a bonus if a crisis should arise a good private security firm is set up and ready to deal with it. Private security should have an emergency system in place so they can contact emergency forces and have the help they need on site as quickly as possible.

• Find and Address Dangerous or Potential Problem Areas: Another benefit of regular patrols and 24/7 surveillance is that security specialists get to know your estate inside and out, so they can identify potential problem areas or weak links in your estate security. Once these “problem” areas are identified, steps can be taken to fix any issues or problems that they present, before there ever is a problem.

Fast Guard Service is the premier estate security firm in the Entire United States. They are the best in the business for a reason, and by far are the preferred security organization in the South, in Florida, in Miami and in the posh South Beach Area. Fast Guard Service boasts a vast list of high profile, successful clients, and for good reason. They are reliable, dependable, and cost effective. The armed guards and security specialists at Fast Guard Service are highly skilled, experienced and trained, that is why they are the best in the business. Don’t trust your beloved estate to just anyone, contact Fast Guard Service today.

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Event Security in These Unpredictable Times

Unfortunately we live in frightening modern times, with headlines that are dominated by potential terrorist threats and terrorist activities. Sadly, terrorists target the weaker segments of society, including children, and they especially target places where people are gathered. If people are gathered in numbers and have their guard down, that is an even bigger target. That is why terrorist threats are such a scary part of any modern events.

In fact, event security is on rise because of terrorist threats. Terrorists attack events at nightclubs, concert halls, anywhere they can find people gathered, looking to have a good time, not concerned about safety. As disgusting as it is, that is exactly what terrorists look for in fact, unsuspecting people gathered in large numbers. The more they can terrify and harm people, the more they accomplish their nauseating goals.

That is why event security, especially the use of armed, trained guards, is an imperative part of event planning in the modern world. As sad as it is, safety must come first, so event security must be a priority for anyone planning or organizing events of any size.

Here are a few recent examples of events of various sizes from all over, where better event security certainly could have helped.

• The Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, UK: This one is so recent it still stings to simply mention it. There are still wounded recovering. On May 22nd, 2017 in Manchester, at what was largely a concert populated by kids, tweens and teens, Ariana Grand’s performance was attacked by a self-proclaimed Muslim terrorist. The terrorist used homemade bombs to seriously injure many and 23 people, many children, were senselessly murdered. Obviously a beefier presence of armed guard, especially in front of the arena, could have helped to perhaps provide a much better outcome.

• The Eagles of Death Metal Concert in Paris, France. This disgusting terrorist attack in Paris at a heavy metal concert was the beginning of a larger, coordinated attack that spread across the area, killing over 100 innocent people. These November, 2015 attacks started at the Bataclan, a popular music venue, where victims were shot and even taken hostage until armed policeman were able to gain control. Again a stronger presence of highly skilled, well-trained armed guards on the scene could have certainly helped end the situation, or maybe even could have prevented it.

• Damageplan (Members of Pantera) in Columbus, Ohio: Tragedy struck when legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrel, a founder of Pantera, was shot and killed onstage. On December 8th, 2004 a deranged fan with a gun stormed the stage at the Columbus nightclub where Damageplan had just started playing. After the shooting subsided, 4 people were dead and others seriously injured. It took an armed police officer to shot and kill the attacker, Nathan Gale. Had an armed security guard been there and positioned lives could have been spared and the attacker subdued much more quickly.

Fast Guard Service specializes in special event security, whenever and wherever you may need it. Fast Guard Service is the number one security firm in the Continental US, and they have skilled specialist ready to help protect your event.

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Class G Security License Course in Miami

Not all security guards are armed, but a serious security guard who has decided that they intend to have a long and prosperous career in the field of security understands that the most intense, interesting and highest paying jobs require armed security guards armed security guards are utilized in many ways to guard extremely valuable goods, property, retail and private property, and people

Great armed security guards are in high demand, because there are not enough skilled, trained, experience professionals to cover all of the security details that are available. Especially in Miami and South Florida, with areas like South Beach and the not too distant Keys, the area is known as the playground of the rich and famous. Many wealthy people reside in the area and even more vacation or conduct business in and around Miami and South Florida.

Think about it, no one with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars of property are going to entrust that property to a security guard who isn’t armed and trained, highly skilled with weapons and other means of protection. Armed security guards are hired for a number of interesting jobs, including protecting:


  • VIP’s & Executives
  • Retail Properties
  • Private Estates
  • Cash, Precious Metals and other Valuables
  • Armed Transports
  • Nightclubs
  • Special Events
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Condos and High End Apartment Complexes
  • Business and Industrial Complexes
  • Movie Sets

 While Miami, South Beach and the general area has a huge need for skilled armed guards, there are not enough good armed guards to fill that need. In Miami, however, you must have a Class G License to become an armed guard and to carry a firearm. This means you must be heavily trained and pass a test to get the Class G Security License.

The only way to pass the test to get the Class G Security License and embark on a thrilling career as an armed security guard in and around Miami is to take a Class G Security class. The better the class you attend and the school teaching it, the better the likelihood of you passing the test. Fast Guard Service LLC is the number one security firm in the US, and they are headquartered in Miami. They offer excellent Class G Armed Security Guard training and classes, and also staff some of the best armed security guard jobs available in and around Miami and South Florida and throughout the Continental United States.

Source: https://fastguardservice.com/class-g-license-in-miami/

Why Estate Security is Important in 2017

  1. Comprehensive Surveillance: High end estates and compounds generally cover large areas, and therefore it is a task to secure the entire grounds. However, any weakness in the security of a serious estate, especially a high end one that is obviously owned by affluent or wealthy people or organizations, is a natural target for human predators. This means that, large task or not, a security center must be developed and staffed, and the latest and best in available security technology must be used to protect the entire estate, so the compound is always safe.
  2. 24/7 Protection: Criminals unfortunately don’t work 9 to 5, and tragedies don’t strike at convenient times. There is never a convenient time to be attacked or robbed or for a fire to break out, but catastrophes usually occur in off hours for good reason, there are few people alert and looking for potential problems. A great estate security team will secure and protect the estate 7 days a week, all day and night, all year round.
  3. Armed Guards: Armed guards, if properly trained, serve many purposes, but one huge one is if their presence is visible and the company they work for has an excellent reputation, they act as a great crime deterrent. The fact is, criminals are lazy by nature. That is why they are criminals, trying to take the easy road to making a living instead of simply earning one. Good criminals are not stupid by any means, but they are still lazy deep down. So they will take the easiest route to victimizing someone to get what they want. Trained, skilled, armed guards mean the estate will not be an easy score. If the company that supplies the guards is well known and respected, criminals will likely look for an easier target to hit.
  4. Routine Patrols: Routine patrols also have many important functions when it comes to estate security. Aside from being visible, like armed guards, routine patrols don’t allow criminals to get a schedule on when and where your security detail will be at any given time. Large estates have a large area to cover and many valuables about, so the more doubt you can set into a criminal’s mind, the more secure the estate is.
  5. Perimeter Protection: There is no area on an estate that is unimportant, but of extreme importance is monitoring and securing the perimeters of the estate. Very rarely do criminals come through the front gate, though all areas must be covered. A comprehensive security detail will have the perimeters covered with a mix of technology and hands on monitoring.

If you need estate security then call the professionals at Fast Guard Service LLC. They have trained professionals ready to answer all your questions.

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Armored Car Services Take Off Nationwide

Unfortunately we live in a world with headlines that are dominated by theft, crime, and even terrorist activities. We also live in the digital age, the most affluent era of all time. More people own valuable possessions now than ever before. These are the reasons that the Armored Car Service, offered by Fast Guard Service, have taken off nationwide. More people than ever before have valuable belongings that they need transported, and they need to have them protected, cost effectively and safely.

Fast Guard Service, a security firm headquartered in Miami, Florida, but regarded as the number one security firm in the Continental United States, has seen a tremendous boom in their armored car service in recent months. Many people who never before considered an armored car service are now using one. Many people simply thought they couldn’t afford an armored car service because they pictured an armored truck and not simply armed guards that protect valuables in transit. More and more people have contacted the company in regards to the protective service, however, as they realize what the service is and how it can secure and protect their valuables. Here are several reasons so many people and organizations are contacting Fast Guard Service about their armored car service:


  • Estates: Whether estates are being transported as part of an inheritance or someone is simply moving their estate to a new address, estates are extremely valuable. They are often comprised of most everything you own, may things untraceable. Estate sales, which are public knowledge, also are often moved. Thieves target estates, as they are filled with valuable objects.
  • Money: Believe it or not people still use cash in this day and age. But even more than cash, there are companies that deal in pre-paid debit and credit cards, and people who sell bonds. These things are a windfall for criminals, and they will attack a transport containing these items anytime they can find them.
  • Jewelry: Be it a jewelry company, a jewelry auction, or just a person with a nice jewelry collection, jewelry has long been a favorite of thieves. When transporting valuables, an armed car service will protect jewels from the thieves and bandits who covet them.
  • Valuables and Collectibles: From precious metals to serious stamp collections, criminals love stealing valuables they can sell that cannot be traced. Most valuables and collectibles are easy to steal, and thieves often target them in transport.
  • Hazardous Materials: Unfortunately we live in a world where crazy people and terrorists exist, and they look to pilfer or utilize materials that are dangerous to masses of people. If your company transports such materials and doesn’t have enough security, an armed car service can help.
  • Livestock: Believe it or not there is serious money in certain forms of livestock. From emu to show horses and race horses, some animals are worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.


If you need an armored vehicle contact the security professionals at Fast Guard Service LLC.

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Why Fast Guard Service is the Top Security Guard Company in the US

Fast Guard Service is the number one security guard company in the continental US, and they have been for quite some time. While Fast Guard Service is headquartered in Miami, FL, the company deploys security guards and fire watch guards around the country and around the globe, when and where needed. The company is widely regarded for their strong reputation for service, their expertise, and the cost effective, comprehensive security solutions they provide to their customers. Here are a few reasons why Fast Guard Service is considered the top security guard company in the industry.


  • Experience – Fast Guard Service features a veteran skilled, highly-trained staff, with management that boasts decades of security knowledge gained from hands on, in the field experience. Fast Guard Service has a hard earned reputation as the best security firm in Miami, in Florida, in the South and in the entire United States, and for good reason. They have years upon years of experience and training, they focus only on certain areas of security, and they have masters in various fields that train, coordinate and manage guards that are tasked with different types of jobs.


  • Expertise – Fast Guard Service offers security services with experts in their unique individual fields, encompassing such important areas as VIP security, executive security, personal security, commercial security, building security, retail loss and even fire watch services. They do not take a one size fits all approach. They focus on important fields of security and then staff based on experience and expertise in those fields. An armed guard trained to protect an armored transport filled with valuables, for example, would not require the same skill set as someone who is a bodyguard, or who guards celebrities, or who is a fire watch security guard. Each security field requires guards and management that has experience and training in the area they are tasked with. Fast Guard Service takes great care to vet and train their staff, so each and every customer gest the best possible protection that can be found.


  • Client List – One of the best ways to identify how successful, effective and efficient any company is, simply revolves around taking the effort to look at who or what companies patronize the firm you are looking at. If other successful people or companies use the firm you are considering, there is likely a good reason for it. The company you are considering is good at what they do. Fast Guard Service boasts an extensive client list, including Fortune 500 companies and many high profile celebrities and executives. These people take their security seriously, for obvious reasons, and they trust Fast Guard Service with their lives, their loved ones, their property and their money. That is because they know how effective and efficient Fast Guard Service is, and real peace of mind and security is too important to cut corners on. Contact Fast Guard Service if you are looking for references or to see a past client list of satisfied customers.


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