Fast Guard Service in Miami FL is a security services company providing armed & unarmed security guards|contractors and private security patrol services to client’s nationwide and around the globe. Our team of security consultants is made up of seasoned professionals and ex-miliatry. We provide our clients with a sound, yet cost-effective solution to meet their security needs. We offer armed & unarmed protection services for trade shows, VIPs, Politicians, Residential, Strip Clubs, Nightclubs and more. We also offer Event Security, Private Investigator, Surveillance and FireWatch Services in Miami FL and around the globe.
Fast Guard Service is Headquartered in Miami FL with offices in: Orlando FL, Apopka FL, Tallahassee FL, Key Largo FL, Atlanta GA, Anaheim CA,Friendswood TX, Dallas TX, Charlotte NC, Coolidge GA, New York NY and Melbourne Vic Australia. We are one of the top companies providing Security Guard | Corporate Security| VIP | firewatch | bodyguard | services in Miami FL. Official Site