Why You Should Hire A Loss Prevention Officer

Loss Prevention Officers perform duties that help prevent merchandise loss for retail fronts and various stores. They help prevent or detect shoplifting activities, theft, damage from neglect and other forms of loss that can drive a retail outlet or store out of business. Here are a list of reasons why you should hire a skilled Loss Prevention Officer:


  • Catch Thieves: Shoplifters and thieves can put a retail chain out of business in quick order, imagine what they can do to small change, regional chains or even independent stores. A skilled, experienced Loss Prevention Officer can identify potential thieves and shoplifters and stop crimes before they take place, so your merchandise stays where it belongs.
  • Follow up Investigations: Sometimes criminal activities are well planned and involve more than the initial suspect. To prevent further problems and to catch all criminals involves, some investigative work may be necessary. A good Loss Prevention Officer will get to the bottom of the crime so that all involved pay the price, and so that no future crimes can be committed by the same crew.
  • Damage Control: Loss Prevention Officers jobs are not simply about preventing theft, as important as that is. Careless employees and reckless patrons can destroy merchandise and property. Costing the same amount of money or more than theft, ultimately affecting the store’s bottom line. Skilled surveillance with modern equipment and a talented Loss Prevention Officer can help mitigate and prevent needless damage.
  • Stop Insider theft: Unfortunately some of the most damaging theft, and in some cases the largest volume of theft at a store, can come from employees or insiders. A Loss Prevention Officer knows what to look for so that the store’s valuable merchandise and hard earned money doesn’t walk out the door with an employee or with their friends and family.
  • Better Inventory Management: Profit and loss in a retail store is based on effective inventory management. After all, any retail store is in business to make a profit off of the inventory that they sell. By eliminating or mitigating theft, damage and loss, inventory can be more effectively managed and monitored, thereby maximizing profit.
  • Train Staff: A Loss Prevention Officer who is good at their job understands that they are only as effective as the staff they have to work with. No one can be everywhere at once. That is why a good Loss Prevention Officer will train the staff on theft prevention techniques, and what and where to look for anything that might cause the store to lose inventory or money.


Fast Guard Service specializes in Retail Loss Prevention and features skilled, experienced Loss Prevention Officers that can help you prevent loss. Contact Fast Guard Service, especially in the Miami or South Florida area.

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Why You Should Hire Fast Guard Service For Your Strip Club

Strip club security is no easy task. For many reasons these clubs can have violence issues, rowdiness issues, and even can attract a criminal element. Fast Guard Service is the perfect choice for any strip club security needs. Here are a few ways that Fast Guard Services can help: ·

  1. Control rowdy patrons: Obviously when combining drinking young men and scantily clad women, rowdiness can very quickly become an issue. Fast Guard Service provides armed security guards that can keep these issues to a minimum, and who can quickly calm or quietly eliminate rowdy patrons who don’t understand the need to follow the rules.·
  2. Protect your employees: Strippers do not have an easy job, and talented strippers need to focus on what they are doing to put on the best show, which of course fetches the top dollar. It is difficult to put on a good or attractive show if you fear for your life. ALL employees should have a sense of security and not be afraid of going to work. Fast Guard Service will protect your employees and your property.·
  3. Diffuse potential violence: Whenever alcohol is involved the potential for violent activity is enhanced. When you add stripping females and testosterone to the mix, you are simply pouring high octane fuel on a white hot fire. Fast Guard Service’s skilled, experienced security guards can stop violence before it breaks out in most cases, and can quickly end it when it does.·
  4. Prevent criminal activities: Adult entertainment and liquor are big business, and they are cash businesses too. It’s hard to tip a dancer with a credit card. Cash, money, and the strip club atmosphere naturally attract a criminal element. With smart surveillance and Fast Guard’s highly trained armed guards on site, the potential for criminal activity can be negated or easily stopped. ·
  5. Prevent property damage: Rowdy drunk patrons, violence, and simple drunkenness can easily and quickly lead to property damage. By keeping the patrons in line from the get go and watching the crowd for signs, Fast Guard Service’s security team can prevent or lessen the potential for costly property damage.·
  6. Keep patrons from going too far: Let’s face it, provocative dancers can get drunk or drinking patrons all worked up, and before you know it your dancer is being mauled by an overhyped patron who has fallen in lust. Fast Guard’s security teams can keep the hands off of the dancers, and make sure no potentially dangerous issues get out of hand.·
  7. Offer employees a sense of security: Let’s face it, adult entertainment is not the easiest business to be in. Fast Guard Service will provide a calming and re-assuring presence, which is a benefit to more qualified potential employees, who want to earn top dollar but work in a club that they know is safe.


Source: https://fastguardservice.com/why-you-should-hire-fast-guard-service-for-your-strip-club/

What is an Armed Security Officer?

An armed security officer is a position of serious responsibility. While an armed security officer is not a law enforcement official, or at least not an active law enforcement official, they have similar talents and duties in a much more limited role. Armed security officers are private security guards that, in the course of their duties, have access to or carry on their persons a firearm. These are licensed, highly trained guards, as carrying a firearm cannot be taken lightly. Anyone who is carrying a firearm may very well have to use the weapon as a part of their duties, therefore they must completely understand how to use the weapon, store the weapon, take care of the weapon and be trained to do all that they can to avoid using the weapon whenever and wherever possible.

Armed security guards, therefore, should be trained in other methods of diffusing potential problems, preventing or stopping violence, or preventing or stopping crimes from being committed, for whatever charge they are hired to protect. Ultimately, though, armed guards must be proficient with firearms and their weapons in case they are ever called upon to use them in the course of their duties. Armed security officers are private security guards that are hired to protect an area, a person or persons from potential attack, hostilities or criminal activities.

An armed security guard is hired, as a part of their duties, to:

  • Prevent theft
  • Prevent loss
  • Protect property
  • Prevent or deter criminal activities
  • Protect people
  • Patrol and safeguard businesses, commercial properties and other private properties
  • Prevent, deter or diffuse violence
  • Crowd control

Fast Guard Service boasts a staff of armed security officers with years of experience, proficient with the use and safety needs of firearms. Fast Guard Service constantly trains and tests all staff, and has an excellent reputation as the premier security firm in all of the Southeast United States. If you need armed security officers for commercial or personal protection, contact Fast Guard Service at your earliest convenience.

Source: https://fastguardservice.com/what-is-an-armed-security-officer/

Why You Should Hire Fast Guard Service For Your Concert Security

Concerts take quite a bit of time, effort and money to organize. From finding a venue to booking talent to marketing and selling tickets, it seems an endless task for an event that takes one or a few days. Then there are the regulations to meet, insurance companies to deal with and let’s not forget about emergency services. That is why Fast Guard Services can be of great help to any promoter or concert organizer, as they can handle all security needs for any concert.

Here is why Fast Guard Service is the best choice for any concert security needs: ·

  1. Reliable: Fast Guard Service is one of the most respected security firms in the industry and in the nation, boasting a hard earned reputation and a long list of high profile, large clients who understand the importance of hiring a great security firm.
  2. Great Reputation: That is why they have such a great reputation, because no matter how big the client or how tough the job, Fast Guard Service comes through with flying colors, and they have for many, many years.
  3. Modernized, State of the Art Security Equipment: Large crowds and hectic concert scenes require the ability to see many places at one time, from many angles. Fast Guard Service features the best surveillance and security equipment that are available on the market today, and what’s more important, they constantly train their staff how to best use this equipment.
  4. Experts at Crowd Control: There is no greater need for crowd control than at a live concert, when hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of people pay to get together to dance, sing, perhaps to drink and to have a great time. Unfortunately this can cause problems, which is where Fast Guard Service’s years of experience with crowd control can literally be a lifesaver.
  5. Highly Trained: Fast Guard Service spares no expense training their experienced security staff on modern techniques with modern equipment. In fact Fast Guard Service actually teaches firearms classes so citizens can take and pass their firearms licensing tests in the state of Florida. Guards and armed guards are trained in the nuances of crowd control, watching for blind spots or low traffic spots, and for identifying potential problems and problem spots so issues can be diffused before they get out of hand.
  6. Protect the talent and staff; Concerts require large staffs, plus there are crew for the performers and then the performers themselves. As Fast Guard Service specializes in executive and VIP security services as well, their guards are uniquely qualified to protect event staff and the talent that will be performing at the concert, as well as their staff.
  7. Experienced Management and Armed Guards: Fast Guard Service boasts a management team and various security details with years of experience that undergo constant training. The company features armed guards that have various talents and areas of expertise, and they utilize those talents and expertise where they can do the most good.

Source: https://fastguardservice.com/hire-for-your-concert-security/

Hire Medical Marijuana Dispensary Security

Medical marijuana has become a multi-billion dollar industry almost overnight. But just because marijuana is becoming legalized in the United States and half the country is already dispensing marijuana for medicinal purposes doesn’t mean that selling it is suddenly completely safe. The fact is, there are plenty of unseemly characters who still make money off of marijuana legally. There is plenty of money, obviously, in the drug. Money and drugs, even legal ones, often attract unseemly individuals or a criminal element.

That is why medical marijuana dispensary security is extremely important. As more and more states and districts legalize marijuana, more companies and firms are paying the big dollars for medical marijuana dispensary licenses. But buying a license to make a medical marijuana dispensary legal doesn’t also make it safe. In fact, once the doors to a medical marijuana dispensary are open, that is when the real threat sets in.

A security firm with experience protecting medical marijuana dispensaries and facilities will:

  • Protect the dispensary and all employees and customers at all times. Nothing is more important than safety and human life.
  • Monitor all areas of the store with modernized surveillance equipment to protect and guard all areas of the facility. Dark areas, areas with little or no traffic can still be potential problem spots.
  • Protect the marijuana itself, so no one can steal it or destroy it. Marijuana is still a street drug, and there are many who would love to get the stock from a medical marijuana dispensary.
  • Ensure that no employee theft occurs, and that any potential waste is accurately monitored and recorded.
  • Protect and guard the money on the premises, as medical marijuana does a large business. Because of its nature as well there are many cash sales.
  • Mitigate the interest of criminal activity with the presence of qualified, armed guards on the premises. Simply seeing efficient guards that are armed on site will tell most potential criminals to look for a different target.
  • Patrol the facilities and the grounds routinely to identify and eliminate any potential threats and to display an active security presence.

Whenever you are talking about a new industry that does a tremendous business, especially a business that is built around a coveted substance like a drug, legal or not, the likelihood of theft, violence, and other issues are bound to arise, and quickly. Skilled medical marijuana dispensary security can help mitigate the potential for problems. Armed guards on site will protect your property, comfort your employees and your customers, and will dissuade potential miscreants from considering criminal activity.

Fast Guard Service specializes in medical marijuana dispensary security services, and provides armed guards experienced in protecting such facilities. Fast Guard Service recognizes the responsibility and importance of protecting medical marijuana dispensaries and understands the nuances of protecting them.

Source: https://fastguardservice.com/hire-medical-marijuana-dispensary-security/

Reviewing the Best Security Guard Service in Atlanta, Ga

Atlanta is one of the greatest cities in the South, in all of the United States for that matter. Often referred to as Hotlanta, it is known as a great destination with great hotspots and nightlife. From the nightlife in Buckhead to the hustle and bustle of the business district downtown, dominated by the gorgeous Westin Peachtree hotel, Atlanta is a huge, beautiful city. This also means, however, that there are a lot of dangers in and around Atlanta.

Unfortunately this is a hard truth for all cities in the modern world. Today’s headlines are filled with violence, criminals, even terrorist attacks and activities, and no city is immune to these terrifying modern maladies. That means executives, leaders, VIP’s, businesses and nice homes in and around the Greater Atlanta Georgia area need strong security and protective services that keep the bad guys, dangers and damages at bay. Fast Guard Service is ranked as the best security firm in Atlanta, in the Entire Southeast of the US for that matter. Fast Guard Service boasts a skilled, experienced staff, with specialists in certain areas that set them apart from other security firms in Atlanta and throughout the country.

Fast Guard Service has very little turnover amongst security guards. Their armed security guards are skilled and highly-trained. This allows for security guards, with experience and training, to specialize in certain fields, as their hands on experience and knowledge grows over time, they become more proficient at certain types of security details. This is one of the things that has made Fast Guard Service the best security firm in and around Atlanta, and is a strong reason why they have such a great reputation.


Here are a few of the types of security that Fast Guard Service specializes in:

  • VIP Security: Important people often are targets for very obvious reasons. They have wealth, have power or influence, and live lifestyles that can attract dangers that most people don’t face. VIP security details must understand the nuances of shadowing people and of 24/7 surveillance. They also must learn how to protect without intruding on a VIP’s daily life.
  • Executive Protection: Executive protection agents have similar job descriptions to Secret Service Agents. They offer full time comprehensive security services, just like a head of state’s body men. The President, after all, is the supreme executive, but there are business executives and other leaders that require extremely proficient armed guards that understand the ins and outs of modernized surveillance and protection methods, and who can be deployed anywhere at any time.
  • Event Security: Be it a concert or a convention, a parade or a sporting event, special events attract large crowds. Large crowds attract dangerous elements, from criminals to psychos to terrorists. Event security has to have a detailed understanding of crowd control, but also must be trained in counterterrorism and weaponry, as well as knowing where to look for potential problems.
  • Fire Watch Services: Smoke and fire can do a tremendous amount of damage to any building as well as to people. Fires don’t just destroy large areas in the country or on farms or in the woods; they can destroy businesses, homes and entire portions of cities. From pet stores to factories and warehouses, many areas are under the constant threat of fire hazards. Fire watch details satisfy the requirements of fire marshals, including keeping detailed fire logs, protect property and lives, and even make insurance companies happy!
  • Nightclub Security: Unfortunately nightclubs are often scenes of violence and property destruction. Whenever you mix alcohol and crowds there are bound to be issues. Nightclub security guards must be masters of diffusing problems before they get out of control, and must swiftly and effectively address issues when they do break out.
  • Retail Security: Retail theft and merchandise loss can put large retail companies out of business and quickly, imagine what these issues can do to small chains and independent retail stores? Retail security guards must be able to identify and address shoplifting and follow up on property crimes, but they must also be able to deal with in-house issues. Often retail loss comes from employees, from careless or negligent property damage or from inside theft.
  • Construction Security: Construction sites offer a myriad of potential problems and plenty of ways for contractors, property owners and security companies to lose a lot of money from damage. From unguarded tools, machinery and material to potential damage form vandals or accidents that happen after hours, construction sites really require 24/7 security overseen by guards and armed guards who understand the issues that construction projects face.


Fast Guard Service boasts a staff of seasoned, highly specialized security guards. Their management is constantly trained and they have years of experience as well. The company is fully insured, licensed and bonded, and has earned their excellent reputation as the best security firm in the whole Deep South over many years, from many satisfied clients. They boast Fortune 500 hundred clients and very small clients, as they are very affordable, and each and every client gets the same great service and the same attention to detail. Check out the best security service  Atlanta now.

Source: https://fastguardservice.com/reviewing-the-best-security-guard-service-in-atlanta-ga/

The Rise of the Executive Protection Agent

The rise of the executive protection agent has become more prevalent in recent years. Executive protection is required by more people today than ever before. As more and more business people experience success, as the global village shrinks, creating more successful companies and business people, and as the world itself becomes a more dangerous place, there has been more of a need for comprehensive protection. Executive body-guarding involves often round the clock security provided by skilled protection agents. These protection agents often must be deployed worldwide, at any time of the day and with very little notice.

Executive protection agents, executive body-guarding services and comprehensive security are based on the most comprehensive, most secure security model of all, the guard details that guard the most powerful, most important men and women in the world. The President, for example, has executive protection agents that exhibit executive body-guarding skills constantly, they are known as the Secret Service.

Executive protection agents are extremely hands on, and are as focused as any Secret Service Agent. Executive protection services involve 24/7 protection, home surveillance, constant shadowing and modern security services that are designed to protect important people who are simply under threat or need protection from potential issues at all time. Executive protection agents are not just any run of the mill agents with weapons training that guard malls or retail stores. Executive protection agents provide highly detailed, comprehensive executive body-guarding services. They should be licensed for executive protection services, fully insured, registered, armed and highly trained.

As the digital age has created more and more important business people and executives, it is not just the Fortune 500 CEO that requires specialized security and the services of executive body-guarding services anymore. It is not just politicians and world leaders that are under threat from dangerous elements in what is becoming a more dangerous society each and every day.

Often referred to as body men, executive protection agents are like shadows that detail themselves to one comprehensive subject. Then a full service security system is built around securing and protecting the executive and whoever else is a part of their assigned security detail. This becomes the sole focus of the executive protection agents assigned and all of their executive body-guarding skills, all available technology, and all potential security plans are implemented. Travel routes become a part of the security detail, and destinations are investigated before the executive even arrives. Essentially, all of the extreme attention to detail and importance of security are provided to an executive, executives and their families as is afforded heads of State.

It is a sad state of the realities of modern society, but there are crazy and dangerous people in this world. Important people, executives and VIP’s often need more serious security measures to protect themselves and their loved ones. Executive protection agents, executive security services and VIP bodyguards provide the protection that is needed more now, by more people, than ever before.

For all your executive and VIP bodyguard needs, contact Fast Guard Service LLC.

Source: https://fastguardservice.com/the-rise-of-the-executive-protection-agent/