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The recent shooting death of a Barnes-Jewish Hospital patient wielding knives has renewed a debate over armed guards in health care settings. As many as half of U.S. hospitals employ security guards armed with handguns, according to one national survey. The estimate in Missouri is much lower — about 14 percent, said a spokesman for


Safer schools means more armed security, lawmakers say

State Sen. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, wants schools to have the funding to increase the number of armed school resource officers in Florida schools, and says they should “harden” their entrances after 17 people were slain Wednesday at a Parkland high school. In a statement released Thursday, Galvano said the dozens of people wounded or killed

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Why is this even a discussion? Why would any sane person oppose it? What exactly is the downside to having armed security in every public school in the country? A public school is a government facility. It is a government facility where we send our kids for 8 hours a day. If virtually every other

UC Berkeley spent $4 million for free speech event security

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – The University of California, Berkeley spent almost $4 million on security for a month of free speech events last year when the famously liberal campus became a flashpoint for the country’s political divisions. Scroll for more content… The university revealed in documents that it spent $3.9 million to bring in outside

What are the main duties of a Security Guard?

This differs from one company to the next, but there are some duties that are the same from one company to the next. In this post, we will answer the question, “What are the main security guard duties?” in more detail. Securing the Premises Securing your home or business is a vital security function. Security

How Fast Guard Service Can Help Protect Your Dispensary

When you have prescription drugs, either because you are a pharmacy or because you are a legal medical marijuana dispensary, you could face a problem with security. Pharmaceuticals such as opiates are just as popular on the black market as marijuana and more illegal substances.

You might find your dispensary a target for habitual criminals and drug addicts as well. Good security is essential and not just because of the company’s bottom line. If, after a robbery, it is found that your security is lax, you could face charges of criminal negligence.

A Cash Business

If you do fall under the category of marijuana distributor, you have a few extra security concerns to consider. No matter how carefully you go about the licensing process, and how carefully you adhere to state law, there are still incidences when being in this line of work causes you problems.

A lot of the bigger banks will not deal with you because the medical marijuana industry is something of a gray area these days. This could mean that you are not able to offer card payment facilities and have to accept cash instead.

So now you have two strikes against you – you are selling marijuana, and you are likely to have large amounts of cash on hand as well.

In addition, getting security can be problematic. Many of the big security firms refuse to provide security based on the fact that these services, while state-sanctioned, are not sanctioned by the federal government.

Add in the general stigma associated with being a distributor – many cops still view the practice as illegal, despite the state laws to the contrary and you are left with a bit of a sticky situation. How quickly will the police roll out if there is a problem? How hard will they investigate a theft?

How Fast Guard Security Service can Help Protect Your Dispensary

Fast Guard has a range of specialists when it comes to the unique needs of a dispensary. We operate in a number of cities and towns across Florida and also in many major cities nationwide.

What can you expect from us?

Fully Trained Specialists

All our guards have to undergo a stringent training regimen. They are taught to identify the unique threats that a dispensary may face. They will work with you to identify particular weak spots in your current defenses and ensure that your security is top notch.

The team is trained to secure both the location and the general operation of the business. We can provide full security by those with experience in the law enforcement sector. These guards are trained to identify and neutralize threats.

In addition, each one of our experts is qualified to administer first aid. This means that if something does go wrong, they will be able to administer aid to the injured parties.


Visible security is the best deterrent when it comes to preventing crime. A team will be at your disposal and maintain a highly visible presence 24/7. Criminals are looking for an easy target – we will ensure that this is not how they view your business.


What are the areas of concern for? Do you need someone to help with remote monitoring or do you want security officers at your business all the time? Speak to us today about risk mitigation, and we will work with you to ensure that you are protected at your most vulnerable times.

We can either provide full security or provide security during those times when you are most exposed – like when you need to make a deposit, for example.


We source our staff carefully. We choose people that have training that enables them to be highly efficient security guards. Many of our specialists were previously in law enforcement or the armed forces. For the rest, we ensure that they have experience working private security before they are hired.

We have a highly skilled with a diverse set of skills that are able to handle all security challenges. When you hire us, we match you to the best specialists for the job.


Our teams are chosen with great care. We only hire staff who have proven to possess integrity and who are dedicated to developing professional client care.

Client Service

We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best possible customer experience. Whether you need a single guard for a once-off event or a more permanent team, Fast Guard Service will assist you with the greatest pleasure.

We hire only the best because that is what our clients deserve.

Why You Need to Hire Us

When dealing with any kind of controlled narcotics, it is essential to take all reasonable precautions. If you do not and your dispensary is robbed, you could have a lot of explaining to do.

In an industry where you have both a product that is in high demand and a larger amount of cash on the premises, you need to protect yourself and your business.

Our company is a full protection agency that is operated and owned by certified professionals. We are not some fly-by-night operation that hires anyone off the street. We have built a sterling reputation by providing the best service possible.

Don’t take our word for it though – just look at our record. We have represented a number of different companies – from smaller businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We have an impressive list of high profile stars that rely on us for protection.

As one of the global security leaders when it comes to security, we have the right people to ensure that your business and staff are completely protected.

We will work with you to secure your premises and ensure that your staff are as safe as possible. Come on board with us and we will treat you like one of the family.

Do you know what we wouldn’t do for our family of customers? It is an extremely short list. Call us now and see how you can make your dispensary safe today.

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Why You Should Hire A Security Guard From Fast Guard Service

When it comes to security, you need the best of the best. That’s what this post is all about – we have put together a review of the best security guard company so that you are able to see exactly what you should be looking for.

If your security company is not offering these basic benefits, you need to give Fast Guard Security Services a call. Here is some of what they offer:

Highly Trained Personnel

Security guard services have evolved past simply being security officers who conduct mobile patrols once in a while. Sure, there will always be companies who need this kind of mobile service, but it’s not the only thing to be considered when hiring security.

Guards get a bit of a bum rap when it comes to how seriously people take them. In the movies, security guards are often portrayed as inept or people that couldn’t get into professional law enforcement units.
And, with some companies, all you get is a guard that has been given a security manual to look at and left to their own devices.

With Fast Guard Service, the approach is vastly different. They realize that your security is only as strong as its weakest link and so ensure that all their staff undergo specialized training so that they can handle any situation.

They start off by hiring the right people in the first place – those with a law enforcement background or military training. It’s a far cry from the stereotype of the guard who bumbles through his shift.
All staff are trained in basic First Aid so that if there is a medical emergency, they are ready.

Visible Policing

It has long been acknowledged that visible policing is an extremely efficient effective deterrent when it comes to criminals. Your guards should be out in the open and visible so that would-be criminals can see that they are there.

Most criminals are looking for an easy score. They want to get in and get out as quickly and easily as possible. You cannot have the police at your place 24/7, but you don’t need the police.
With highly skilled guards, who have experience with law enforcement and weapons handling, you have all the help you need. In fact, they are better than cops because they are not as overworked or as underpaid.


Where a lot of guard companies fall short is that they are out to make as much money out of their clients as possible. They might try to lock clients into expensive contracts without giving them a real taste of what they can expect first.

Fast Guard is not a non-profit organization, but they do understand that clients need some flexibility as well. You can sign up for a monthly contract if you like, or you can hire the teams once-off. It’s up to you.

When it comes to event planning and office security, this kind of flexibility comes in very handy. Maybe you need extra security at month-end when sales are up. Maybe you can manage at other times.

What counts is that you get to decide how much security you need. There is no need to sign lengthy contracts and pay for services that you might never even use.

You also need a team that meets your particular security requirements. Do you need protection for a high-value item? Then perhaps you need to look for armed guards.

Maybe it is more that you need someone to control access to your building and armed guards would be overkill.

Either way, you need to know that the team you are considering is able to handle the situation. You want a highly trained team that can detect potential threats and neutralize them before they cause problems.
And, if the bullets have to start flying, you want a team that is fully trained and able to act responsibly. A team that has the experience to deal with high-pressure situations and knows how to act.


With the teams at Fast Guard Service LLC being sourced from law enforcement and the military, they have already shown that they can work under pressure and, more than likely, under fire as well. In this field there is no substitute for experience. Even the most highly trained teams need to be tested in the field before you know whether or not they have what it takes.

Your team, should you choose to accept it, will be picked with the emphasis on choosing the perfect skill set for your needs. The team will be experienced in the area of protection and able to meet the challenges pertinent to your situation.

Unique Solutions

The other problem that you often encounter when it comes to a standard security outfit is that they treat all their clients as the same. Fast Guard has a completely different approach – they consult with you ahead of time and build a team around your unique needs.


This is a key area when it comes to security, especially when it is someone who will be dealing with the general public. You want them to project authority so that people will listen in the event of a crisis. You need them to be able to be tough when it comes to criminals. But you also need them to have a softer hand when dealing with your good clients. Your team is seen as an extension of your business, even when they officially don’t work for you.This requires being able to interact with people using great diplomacy. And that can be really hard at times, especially when you have a job to do.

With a professional security team, you get to minimize the risks to yourself and your business, but you also get to protect both your employees and your customers.

At the end of the day, you need to choose the right company to partner with. Fast Guard has the ideal mix of skills and experience to make sure that everyone that you want to protect is secure.

If you’re looking to hire a professional security guard with low-rates call Fast Guard Service Now.

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